Omg this 
is so exciting! Cant wait to do more!
Omg this 
is so interesting! Cant wait to do more!
Omg this 
is so awesome! I
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::Seven:: by Quazimotto.On.Wax

Fresh British Columbia Chinook Salmon. With roasted garlic-walnut pesto, over braised radicchio, arugula, white sweet potato crisps, and rosemary sea salt. The radicchio and arugula tasted almost like really caramelized onions. Everything we had for dinner was perfection.
This mornings breakfast. 
So i’m on a new venture of healthy eating and having a better life style in general. This morning’s breakfast consisted of cream of wheat made with almond milk, all the spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, essences, and brown sugar). This was all topped off with some honey almonds granola, and a mixture of fresh berries. Mmmmm. It was delish!

LIFE — New York Burger Co

Make sure you get the onion rings!

Mmmm…looks delish!